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Browser-based automation software

Elysium Inc.’s CADfeature 11.3 is a new browser-enhanced, feature-based program for repairing, migrating, and reporting on product engineering data that is exchanged within manufacturing organizations and their supply chains. It addresses industry goals of perfecting and speeding the creation of master CAD models used to build products including automobiles, aircraft, and more. With the newest version of CADfeature, a more streamlined process now facilitates CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM translation because the new software offers added support for the post-translation/remastering processes to finish data to a level at or nearing 100% completion (when compared to the original source model). New reporting and guided post-translation functions provide greater confidence that any areas that cannot be perfectly translated due to variance between CAD systems and different modeling kernels are clearly communicated—quickly giving its audience the right information to make final decisions regarding development of the master model. 

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