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Conduit system

The Maulflex conduit system from TE Connectivity is a lightweight, flexible, customizable shielded electrical conduit system for rugged environments in ground support test equipment cables. The system protects integrated harnessing systems while allowing re-entry and repair. As the need to save fuel and space drives transportation electronics to be lighter, tougher, and to endure extreme temperatures, heavy cable jackets are being replaced by lighter options. The integrated Maulflex harnessing conduit is composed of three layers: the outer layer is crush-resistant and flexible Helical conduit; the shielding layer provides EMI protection; and the internal layer protects wires from chafing. All components are ROHS-compliant and offer low off-gassing. The Maulflex conduit improves versatility and reliability for extreme temperature applications where cables are repeatedly coiled for storage then uncoiled for use. 

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