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Green cleaning solvent

Honeywell introduces Solstice performance fluid (PF) with improved cleaning power for metal and plastic parts. Solstice PF effectively cleans oils, greases, and other substances commonly encountered in off-highway, military, and aerospace equipment repair and features a global warming potential (GWP) of 1, which is significantly lower than most solvents. The material offers an energy-efficient alternative to high-GWP solvents, and its widespread adoption would reduce CO2 emissions by about 18 million t (19.8 million ton) per year, equivalent to 3,000,000 cars. Solstice PF is suitable for use in vapor degreasing equipment and line flushing and can be dispensed from an aerosol can. Two alcohol blends are available for electronics applications. Solstice PF is nonflammable and is not a volatile organic compound. 

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