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Turbo air intake precleaner

Turbo Filtration offers the turbo air intake precleaner for air filtration machines in agriculture, off-highway, heavy-duty, military, and other demanding environments. Designed to protect engine components, turbo precleaners eliminate dust and other contaminants before they enter the filter using a straight-through airflow path. Precleaners protect engines for longer operation at optimal levels and were designed to ensure smooth, maintenance-free service, extending primary engine air filter life. The turbo 390 is suitable for machines requiring airflow between 300 and 700 ft3/min (8500 and 19,820 L/min) and features an impact resistant, weather- and rust-proof, glass-filled nylon construction. Heavy-duty bearings are shielded from contaminants, and the unit features 80% separation efficiency and three base sizes to accommodate engine/inlet options and various machine applications.

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