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The crash block and film pit at the upgraded and modernized Chrysler facility in Chelsea, MI.

Chrysler Group LLC and Messring partner to create crash test facility (video)

Recently, with increased vehicle safety requirements, vehicle manufacturers are installing cutting-edge testing equipment in their own crash test facilities.Chrysler Group LLC partnered with Messring Systembau GmbH to upgrade Chelsea Proving Grounds, the central testing facility in Chelsea, MI. Messring installed the MicroTrack system, which includes a drive system with an electric motor, M=LIGHT LED lamps, curb test equipment featuring a special sled, and two new film pits. The MicroTrack system has a thinner guide channel compared to conventional systems. More details can be captured from crash video footage from the film pit. Messring installed M=LIGHT LED lamps in the facility, which deliver the maximum amount of light and the perfect color temperature of approximately 6500 Kelvin (6226.8 C). The increased illumination results in clearer images from the floor of the tested vehicle during impact. The Chrysler facility also features a customized curb test. A special sled, installed by Messring, is the most important component and carries the test vehicle at an angle to the direction of acceleration. Propelled using the MicroTrack system, it features targeted braking based on special hydraulic dampers. To keep the stimulated impact from destroying the test vehicle, a belt system prevents the car from flipping over.

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