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Virtualized graphics for software platform

Green Hills Software adds virtualized, accelerated graphics support for Renesas R-Car H2 processors in the Integrity Multivisor virtualization solution, targeting graphics-intensive automotive applications such as reconfigurable clusters, navigation systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and infotainment. The technology improves design flexibility and scalability and consolidates hardware to reduce costs. Integrity Multivisor enables graphics performance as well as isolation between safety-critical and general-purpose workloads; a real-time ADAS subsystem and a Yocto Linux-based cluster subsystem execute concurrently with both environments using the advanced graphics performance of the H2’s integrated Imagination Technologies PowerVR G6400 GPU while ensuring Yocto cannot impact the ADAS functions executing natively. Other features include ISO 26262 safety-certifiable run-time platform for ADAS and virtualization optimized for ARM extensions included in R-Car H2’s Cortex A15-based cores.

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