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High-flow motors

The MS05/MSE05 from Poclain Hydraulics benefits from a new valving, the design of which has been optimized to considerably reduce pressure drops (a 50% reduction in pressure drops has been recorded compared to the standard MS05/MSE05 model). It has also been fitted with a closed and more robust cover. The MS high-flow range can withstand the most heavy-duty of workloads and the most extreme environmental conditions. The motors can reach speeds that are 50% higher without any additional pressure drops. As such, they can ensure better machine productivity. As it is now available in symmetrical two-displacement, the MS05/MSE05 no longer has a preferred rotation direction and promotes a maximum speed whatever the machine’s direction of travel. This characteristic is particularly useful in rail/road applications. This option also means that only a single reference needs to be used for the left and right motors of a vehicle, and thus simplifies the chains of supply and assembly.

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