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Nano-coating for corrosion protection

Daubert Chemical’s next-generation Nox-Rust 1290HP, to be launched by the specialty coatings and adhesives manufacturer at the SAE 2015 World Congress in Detroit, uses nanoscale chemistry to boost rust-inhibiting properties. In cyclic corrosion lab test procedures following SAE J2334 standards, the new solution resisted corrosion up to 50% longer than previous Nox-Rust products—increasing corrosion-protection expectations from 10 years to 15 years. The next-gen product is suitable for any metal that is going to be exposed to a corrosive environment, including in commercial on- and off-highway markets, according to a spokesperson. Nox-Rust 1290HP has been reformulated to include a nanoscale chemical additive, depositing a protective barrier that interferes with corrosion mechanisms and exhibits self-healing characteristics with abrasions. The new product can be applied to a variety of substrates and requires less surface preparation than competing anticorrosive coating technologies, the company claims. It also exhibits enhanced adhesion to welds and demonstrates resilience when exposed to post-coating assembly processes using welds or mechanical fasteners like screws and bolts. Nox-Rust 1290HP can be applied to some previously coated substrates and interacts well with e-coated, powder-coated, and liquid-coated steel. Surfaces treated with Nox-Rust hot melt coatings require no preparation before accepting new welds.

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