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Danfoss Telematics Solutions for mobile off-highway equipment uses data to drive efficiency and profit. The platform is an open and flexible solution that can be expanded as telematics capabilities continue to evolve.

Separating the right signals from the noise

The need to maximize asset availability and performance represents an ongoing challenge for the off-highway industry. Telematics has become a megatrend as more companies of every size see value in having a 24/7, real-time overview of their machines. As the information telematics can deliver deepens, demand for this powerful and dynamic technology will only increase.

With the telematics market already providing many different features and approaches—each offering customers massive amounts of data—it can be challenging to separate the right signals from the noise. For telematics data to drive maximum efficiency and profit, high-performance technology must be backed by tremendous supplier knowledge and access to historical component data. The supplier can help customers translate and interpret this data into useful information that correlates directly to system efficiency and an improved “health state” of the machine and its key components.

Growing demand for data

Increasing numbers of fleet owners need visibility to how, when, and where their equipment is used. There is growing demand for robust data solutions that enable customers to:

•    Track efficiency and availability of machines.

•    Manage preventive and predictive maintenance.

•    Optimize usage and maintenance plans.

•    Perform failure analysis.

•    Promote safety.

•    Increase security.

•    Extend equipment life.

•    Achieve integration with business and CRM systems.

The right telematics solution can provide optimized data flow by combining robust machine-integrated technology, satellite and cellular network connectivity, and a customizable, intuitive user interface.

Empowering the customer

At Danfoss, we recently introduced Danfoss Telematics Solutions, a plug-and-perform telematics platform available for new machines and existing fleet retrofits. Through the use of the Danfoss PLUS+1 development platform, OEMs can implement telematics features that customers need without the need for specific programming knowledge. Our solution also brings a complete, easy-to-use suite of capabilities that boosts efficiency and profitability.

Ever since we launched PLUS+1 more than 10 years ago, we focused on ensuring seamless, fast, and reliable integration of functionalities in the machine application software—this is why we developed an extensive software blocks library.

For telematics, we followed the same guideline: Enable our customers to integrate this new technology into their systems without significant effort. Once integrated, customers are empowered with opportunities to generate ongoing revenue streams through monitoring and service offerings, from geofencing and theft protection, to automated report generation and predictive maintenance.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in electronics and application-specific experience, Danfoss can use its deep knowledge of components and system solutions to assist customers with valuable analytics services. Based on the results of the analytics process, triggering of business and supply chain management systems becomes available to help meet today’s challenges. We are in a unique position to offer the technical infrastructure and the application know-how to interpret data.

Flexibility for the future

Many technologies required to meet future needs for increased asset availability and performance are available today, such as Global System for Mobile (GSM) wireless communication, GPS, 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. We anticipate increasing adoption of these technologies throughout the market.

Many Danfoss customers are collecting data with individual cloud solutions. Going forward, the challenge is to use intercloud communications to combine customers’ cloud solutions with the Danfoss real-time analyzed data provided via the cloud.

Danfoss is well positioned to continue maximizing asset availability and performance because our telematics platform was engineered with the future in mind. Danfoss Telematics Solutions has the power and capacity to expand as telematics capabilities and needs continue to evolve.

Many customers are implementing telematics to collect machine data, but are not fully aware of how to utilize the data in a way that drives efficiency and profit. That’s where a supplier’s telematics expertise and application-specific experience can make a difference. With the knowledge to back our product offering, Danfoss can help distinguish the right signals from the noise and turn data into value.

Marc Weston, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Danfoss Power Solutions, wrote this article for SAE Off-Highway Engineering.

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