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Lubricants for cabin noise reduction

Lubricant solutions from Klüber Lubrication reduce stick-slip and eliminate cabin noise generated by vibration and friction in automobile interiors. Klüberalfa MR 3 is designed for friction points in vehicles where improved sliding and noise-damping behavior are required. The invisible oil remains in the lube point for the life of the vehicle, and it is chemically inert, so plastics, leathers, textiles, and elastomers remain unaffected. The material contains a nonflammable solvent that enables application of a thin, homogeneous lubricant film to all contact surfaces. The product can be used across a wide temperature range, is compatible with the majority of materials in automobile interiors, and also can be used in underhood and body applications. Klübersynth RA 44-702 and RA 44-3502 mechanically dampen and reduce noise of slowly moving parts and are designed for the lubrication of plastic parts inside automobiles. They are fully synthetic damping greases of high viscosity and are free of raw materials containing silicone. The products are preferably used for plastic/plastic and plastic/metal material pairings.

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