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Non-hazardous specialty polymers

EpoxySet Inc. (Lincoln, RI) has released SetWORX specialty polymers, a line of high-performance materials. According to the company, SetWORX was developed to be non-hazardous for shipping, therefore reducing costs. Most SetWORX materials contain no BPA, tin or phthalates—for example, the SetWORX USEAL U47MP and SetWORX 60. The USEAL U47MP is a durable, abrasion-resistant urethane adhesive and sealant for environmental protection yielding strong bonds to most substrates. The SetWORX 60 is a toughened epoxy exhibiting high bond and peel strength to metals, ceramics and many hard-to-bond plastics such as PVC, Lexan and Ultem, even at higher temperatures. It also features enhanced electrical insulating and dielectric properties, claims the company. For more information, visit

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