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Ford confirms seven of 13 global electrified vehicles, including the F-150 and the Mustang, in a January 3 announcement.

F-150 and Mustang hybrids part of Ford's global electrified vehicles plan

Ford Motor Co. plans to introduce hybrid versions of its iconic F-150 and Mustang in the U.S. by 2020, the company announced at a press conference at its Flat Rock, MI, Assembly Plant.

The Jan. 3 announcement detailed seven of the 13 global electrified vehicles Ford will offer in the next five years, which in addition to the hybrid F-150 and Mustang also includes a plug-in hybrid Transit Custom van in Europe and a fully electric SUV with an expected range of at least 300 mi (480 km) for customers globally

The hybrid version of Ford’s best-selling F-150 pickup will be sold in North America and the Middle East. According to the automaker, the F-150 Hybrid, built at the Dearborn Truck Plant, will offer powerful towing and payload capacity and operate as a mobile generator. The hybrid version of the Mustang will deliver V8 levels of power and even more low-end torque, claims Ford. Built at Flat Rock, the Mustang Hybrid will be available initially in North America.

Ford says it is focusing its latest electrified vehicle plan on the company’s areas of strength—electrifying its most popular, high-volume commercial vehicles, trucks, SUVs and performance vehicles to make them even more capable, productive and fun to drive.

“As more and more consumers around the world become interested in electrified vehicles, Ford is committed to being a leader in providing consumers with a broad range of electrified vehicles, services and solutions that make people’s lives better,” said Mark Fields, President and CEO, in the announcement. “Our investments and expanding lineup reflect our view that global offerings of electrified vehicles will exceed gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”

The actions by Ford are part of a $4.5 billion investment in electrified vehicles by 2020, which aims to expand the company's portfolio of fuel-efficient, low emission products as U.S. and European CO2 regulations in particular tighten more. The plans are part of the company’s expansion towards a mobility-solutions company, including leading in electrified and autonomous vehicles.

At the news conference, the automaker also announced it will expand Flat Rock to create a factory capable of producing high-tech electrified and autonomous vehicles, along with the Mustang and Lincoln Continental currently assembled there. The $700 million investment is expected to add 700 direct new U.S. jobs.

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