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Laminated metal

Laminated metal designed to reduce vibrations and noise transmission in metal constructions, internal combustion engines, vehicle bodies, washing machines and office machines, dB Engineering Inc.’s (Mansfield, TX) Noiseless Metal consists of two sheets of metal bonded together by a thin viscoelastic damping layer. Noiseless Metal can be made using any commercial quality steel or aluminum. The structure-borne sound damping qualities of the viscoelastic core are temperature dependent. For this reason, Noiseless Metal panels are supplied with cores optimized for different temperature ranges, depending on the applications in which they are to be used. Standard products have viscoelastic cores optimized for room temperature, 50°C, 80°C and 100°C (122°F, 176°F and 212°F). In this way, the company claims it is possible to achieve maximum damping of structure-borne sound when they are built into various products such as internal combustion engines and vehicle bodies.

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