Introduced at a 2020 ConExpo-Con/Agg “soft-launch,” John Deere’s new 18.0-L will offer a power rating over 650 kW (870 hp) and begin production in 2022. (JDPS)

John Deere Power Systems expands lineup, introduces new 13.6- and 18-liter engines

Driven by customer feedback, Deere claims clean-sheet designs for the new engines with improved performance, serviceability and integration.

John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) showcased an expanding engine lineup and electric drivetrain solutions during a press event at ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas, March 10-14. Built with a clean-sheet design, the new 13.6-L engine offers new levels of performance, serviceability and integration – all key characteristics for OEM customers. This design process was driven specifically by customer requirements. According to the JDPS, the 13.6 L provides more power per liter than previous 13.5-L configurations, increasing power by 14%.

To meet those objectives, the team considered the top customer needs and created a list of design requirements. “We leveraged and optimized our proven technologies developed over the years to best address market and customer needs in heavy-duty applications. This ensured the final product would deliver increased performance and overall value to our OEM customers and end users,” said David Hoffman, JDPS’ director of worldwide marketing, sales and customer support.

Beyond meeting performance needs, John Deere is offering hardware solutions to meet market demands with the 13.6-L engine – including a no-DPF solution for Final-Tier-4 variable and constant-speed markets. This adds to the no-DPF variable speed engines offered by John Deere. “There will be no-DPF and DPF offerings, and that DPF offering will be dual-certified for Stage Five and Final Tier IV. So again, giving that flexibility of choice for OEMs or for North American markets if you want to have a DPF or the no-DPF for your given application,” said Ashlee Klingaman, strategic product planning & portfolio for JDPS.

The 13.6-L is slated to begin production later in 2020 at the John Deere Engine Works in Waterloo, Iowa facility; however, the company is currently taking orders for the new engine. Building on the 13.6-L engine design, John Deere introduced the new 18.0-L at ConExpo-Con/Agg in what the company called a “soft-launch.” The 18.0 L will offer a maximum power rating over 650 kW (870 hp).

This performance engine is equipped with John Deere engine controls, a high-pressure common-rail fuel system and series turbochargers and utilizes cooled EGR. The model-based controls enable advanced prognostics capabilities and improved transient response. A rear gear train reduces noise as well as torsional and crank stress. The top 20 service and repairs for larger John Deere engines were also taken into consideration when designing the engine to ensure ease of serviceability.

“We utilized a streamlined engine design process to expand our power range. Advanced modeling allowed us to define and optimize engine subsystems to achieve our performance requirements and to deliver on our customers’ growing horsepower needs,” said Hoffman. Targeted to go into production beginning in 2022, the new 18.0-L engine will also be manufactured at the John Deere Engine Works plant in Waterloo, Iowa.

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