SAE International Announces Self-Driving Car Demonstration at Babcock Ranch in Florida - Quotes

SAE International
“Proper testing of autonomous technology is crucial to the success of self-driving vehicles. And, the public’s acceptance and comfort is key to that testing,” SAE International Chief Product Officer, Frank Menchaca, said. “SAE International serves as a convener, working with technology companies, auto manufacturers and government to safely advance autonomous vehicle development. This demo day brings the most important audience to the dialogue, the public.”
Senator Jeff Brandes
Florida State Senator Jeff Brandes will be on hand during the public Demo Days. “I am excited that SAE International is continuing to bring this self-driving “hands off” demo across Florida. We had a wonderful experience in Tampa. Now, the residents and future residents of Babcock Ranch will be able to experience this technology and provide feedback for what they want to see in their community as we move towards a shared, electric, and autonomous future. I look forward to SAE International and Babcock Ranch casting a bold vision for this future,” Brandes said.
Kitson & Partners
Located in Southwest Florida just north of Fort Myers, Babcock Ranch features the largest solar-plus-storage system operating in the U.S. today.
“At Babcock Ranch we’ve been preparing for the future of transportation from day one – which makes it the perfect location for this event,” said Syd Kitson, Chairman & CEO of Kitson & Partners.  “With autonomous shuttles already in operation for more than a year, Babcock Ranch is serving as a living laboratory for cutting edge technologies that will completely transform the way we all live."
Perrone Robotics
Perrone Robotics will provide a self-driving Range Rover for the Demo Day. “We believe that SAE is performing important, foundational work on public perception of autonomy, and we are very pleased to partner with SAE by delivering autonomous transport ”, said Dave Hofert, Chief Marketing Officer for Perrone Robotics. “As a company that offers autonomous technology and transportation, we need to understand how the public perceives autonomy. We appreciate and support SAE’s effort to collect data from a wide cross-section of society so that we can ensure that all passengers feel safe, in control, and free to enjoy the ride.”
Velodyne LiDAR
Velodyne LiDAR provides sensors capable of delivering real-time 3D data. “This exciting event is part of a series of successful initiatives Velodyne LiDAR has strongly supported in cooperation with SAE International, to promote the multiple benefits of automated driving in general, and specifically as they relate to Safety. We are committed to provide all relevant facts and data to reliably inform the public and the legislators about the latest developments in the fast growing and dynamic automated vehicle space.” said Mircea Gradu, Velodyne LiDAR SVP Quality and Validation, and SAE International President.
“We are excited to be partnering with SAE to expose more people to how AVs work and how they can expand mobility options for cities. Riding this service allows passengers to touch, feel and experience a new part of the future of transportation.” –  Dick Alexander, EVP of Innovation and Development, Transdev
“As an advocate for the motoring public, AAA is proud to partner with SAE International for this event. It’s important that consumers  take charge of learning about new vehicles in order to improve safety on the road,” said Matt Nasworthy, Florida Public Affairs Director, AAA - The Auto Club Group. “Technology will continue to be a driving force regarding the future of transportation.”

“Lime’s mission is to empower communities with a reliable and affordable transportation alternative that also helps minimize our carbon footprint and meet transportation challenges,” said Vivian Myrtetus, Community Affairs Manager, Lime Florida. “We’re excited to be part of SAE International Demo Day to showcase our fleet of electric scooters to users.”

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