SAE International Publishes Four New Book Titles in January 2019 – Aviation, Asset Management, Electric Aircraft, and Crash Reconstruction

SAE International expanded its repository of more than 850 mobility engineering books with four new titles available in January of 2019.

The new books include:
  • Fundamentals of Electric Aircraft – This book was developed to explain what the electric aircraft stands for by offering an objective view of what can be expected from the giant strides in innovative architectures and technologies enabling aircraft electrification. Through tangible case studies, a deep insight is provided into this paradigm shift cutting across various aircraft segments – from General Aviation to Large Aircraft.

    Product Code R-462; ISBN 978-0-7680-9325-4
  • Servitization and Physical Asset ManagementThis book provides a structured source of guidance and reference information on the business opportunities linked to servitization and the management of physical assets. In addition, it offers high-level overviews of how to servitized and manage assets from a variety of perspectives, reviewing nearly 1,500 books, magazine articles, papers and presentations and websites.

    Product Code R-479, ISBN 978-0-7680-9489-3
  • Motorcycle Crash ReconstructionThis book purposefully pulls together as much of the relevant accident reconstruction literature and science as possible to present definitive literature that meets the needs of the crash reconstruction industry. The reader will learn to analyze physical evidence, understand what it means, and how to incorporate math and physics into an investigation.

    Product Code R-479, ISBN 978-0-7680-9489-3
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