New Aerospace and Defence Industry Tools Released to Support Efficient Substance Declarations

To meet the demands of increasingly complex, global chemical substance regulations and restrictions, aerospace and defence industry companies must report product-related substance data. The International Aerospace Environmental Group (IAEG®) has released new tools to help the global aerospace and defence industry and their supply chains gather this information more effectively.
The Aerospace and Defence Substance Reporting Tool (AD-SRT) is a Microsoft Excel-based tool that supports aerospace and defence companies and their supply chains in obtaining product-related material and substance data, and in providing that data to their customers.  The AD-SRT data elements are compatible with the recently released IPC-1754 standard, Materials and Substances Declaration Standard for Aerospace and Defence and Other Industries.”  The AD-SRT is being provided in two forms, one with embedded Excel macros, and the other without.  To support the voluntary use of the AD-SRT, IAEG is also releasing training and informational materials, including a video entitled “Introduction to the Aerospace and Defence Substance Reporting Tool.” 
“Suppliers are burdened with various declaration requests in multiple formats from their customers. The AD-SRT provides a standard tool to help them more efficiently fulfill their reporting requirements,” said Sally Gestautas, Chair of IAEG.
The AD-SRT is designed to work with the Aerospace and Defence Declarable Substances List (AD-DSL), which contains substances of interest to the industry. In addition to the resources and tools mentioned above, IAEG is releasing Version 3 of the AD-DSL. The AD-DSL has been updated to include new regulatory criteria definitions and a revised declarable substances list that reflects changes in regulatory requirements affecting the global aerospace and defence industry. The revised definitions allow users to determine whether each substance is subject to product and/or material restrictions, reporting requirements, or combinations of all three.
The AD-SRT and AD-DSL were developed through the collaborative efforts of IAEG member companies, representing a cross-section of the industry, including aerospace and defence equipment manufacturers, industry suppliers and supporting service providers.
IAEG® ( is a non-profit organization of global aerospace and defence companies created to collaborate on and share innovative environmental solutions for the industry. The group works to promote the development of voluntary consensus standards and provide accessible solutions for key environmental issues.
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