DATC Member DRS Network & Imaging Systems Wins Award to Integrate a 3TIG OBVP and Electrified Components onto a Prototype FMTV

Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium (DATC) member DRS Network & Imaging Systems LLC has been selected to work on the integration of a 3000 Transmission Integral Generator (3TIG) Onboard Vehicle Power (OBVP) and Electrified Components onto a prototype Family of Medium Tactical Vehicle (FMTV).
The object of this prototype project is to convert two (2) PM THAAD Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) M1085A1s that support the THAAD Fire Control and Communications (TFCC) component. The conversion of the two (2) PM THAAD FMTV M1085A1s will include the capability of Vehicle to Grid (V2G)/Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) microgrid supply for the THAAD TFCC and Battery Support Center (BSC). The resulting prototype THAAD System should be able to demonstrate the following capabilities: improved power robustness (while eliminating three or more towed generators), reduced fuel use, and reduced downtime due to maintenance inspections.
This marks the tenth government project awarded through DATC, a unique program enabling connection of advanced automotive suppliers to the U.S. Army’s efforts to modernize its ground forces. DATC’s technology capabilities helped the government link to DRS Network & Imaging Systems, the member that will be working on this 12-month project.
DRS Network & Imaging Systems is a subsidiary of Leonardo DRS, a prime contractor, leading technology innovator and supplier of integrated products, services and support to military forces, intelligence agencies and defense contractors worldwide. For implementation of this project, DRS Network & Imaging Systems will collaborate with Milton Manufacturing Inc. and Allison Transmission Inc.
“We are thrilled to continue our support of PM THAAD’s improvement initiatives with the support of traditional and non-traditional defense contractors,” said Dave Porreca, Executive Director of DATC. “The increased power capabilities will position the vehicles for necessary changes now and for future technology integrations.”
DATC currently has nearly 200 members, with nearly 70 percent of these classified as non-traditional defense contractors. DATC members gain access to government projects and visibility of their capabilities to the Government and among other members. A majority of DATC members have limited or no prior government procurement experience. They greatly benefit from a facilitator such as DATC, which streamlines the process and requirements for engaging the government.
About DATC
The Defense Automotive Technologies Consortium (DATC) is a unique public-private partnership created in 2016 to connect advanced automotive technology suppliers to government technology modernization efforts. DATC can address work from any government agency, including state governments, related to the core technology areas defined in its scope. DATC was created through SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC) to support the Defense Arsenal Automotive (DA2) OTA sponsored by U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Ground Vehicle Systems Center; ‘automotive’ is broadly understood as self-propelled vehicles for land, air, sea or space. DATC’s eight core technology areas are: Automotive Cyber Security; Vehicle Safety; Vehicle Light Weighting; Autonomous Vehicles and Intelligent Systems; Connected Vehicles; Advanced Energy Storage; Propulsion; Active Suspension.
More information about DATC, including upcoming events and membership information, can be found at: http://datc.saeitc.org.
About SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC)
SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (ITC) is a 501(c)(6) affiliate of SAE International, and its membership is comprised of public and private organizations collaborating in a neutral forum to drive innovative solutions to key industry challenges. More information is available at http://sae-itc.org.
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