SAE International Publishes New Book on the Future Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

Driverless America provides an in-depth analysis of the societal impacts of self-driving cars

WARRENDALE, Pa. (July 30, 2020) – SAE International recently published, Driverless America, a new book that predicts of how the shift to automated vehicles will affect many aspects of our lives and the surrounding landscape. Authored by Joseph Hummer, the book focuses on the widespread impacts of autonomous vehicles throughout our infrastructures and diverse population, such as the elderly and teenage drivers.
Driverless America is intended to spark discussions that encourage people to start thinking ahead to the changes that will occur with the increased adoption of autonomous vehicle technology—hastening the positive ones and mitigating the negative ones. The book explores the positive impacts of autonomous vehicles, including fewer fatal crashes, improved mobility for disabled people, more affordable housing, better water quality, and lower greenhouse gas emissions; however, it also looks at the barriers that will remain as roads become more saturated with automated vehicles. As a result of more autonomous vehicles, the book also looks at downsides, such as jobs lost in construction and trucking, abandoned gas stations, fewer organ donations, and more difficult hurricane evacuations.
“Our current mobility climate, with the increased adoption of autonomous vehicles, is similar to that of the 1950s when America was just starting to build the interstate system. Big changes are coming to many aspects of our lives and we need to prepare better than they did in the 1950s,” said Mr. Hummer. “In Driverless America, I use my 35 years of transportation engineering experience to offer predictions that will hopefully start conversations about what lies ahead and how we can prepare.”
The new book adds to SAE International’s library of more than 300 original titles to-date. SAE International books are authored by some of the most respected names in the industry and explore topics critical to aerospace and ground vehicle engineering.
Book Information:

  • Author: Joseph Hummer

  • Publisher: SAE International

  • Product Code: R-492

  • ISBN: 978-1-4686-0072-8

  • Page Count: 156 pages in a softbound binding.

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