Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ Releases Information Report for Change Risk Management

Document Addresses Risks Resulting from Planned and Unplanned Changes in  Design and Operation of Automated Driving System-Dedicated Vehicles

WARRENDALE, Pa. (April 13 2023) – The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ (AVSC), a program of SAE Industry Technologies Consortia (SAE ITC®), has launched the AVSC Information Report for Change Risk Management. This information report provides a process for change risk management for fleet-operated automated driving system-dedicated vehicles (ADS-DVs) using SAE Level 4 and 5 automation. It addresses risks resulting from planned and unplanned changes in an ADS-DV design and/or operation.

The operation of any SAE Level 4 or 5 automated vehicle on private or public roads inherently involves the assessment of safety risks to property or persons. Additionally, changes introduced after an automated driving system-dedicated vehicle (ADS-DV) has been deployed can introduce new risks or alter the assumptions for existing risks that arise from changes in the ADS-DVs design and operations. Developers may benefit from knowledge regarding how safety risks resulting from changes can be systematically identified, evaluated, and managed at every stage of the ADS’s lifecycle. Though there are a variety of existing standards that cover risk identification, evaluation, and management for conventional road vehicles, they do not explicitly cover the risk management process for either planned changes or unplanned changes in ADS-DV design and/or operations.

“Risk management is a subject that is covered by many automotive standards, which were considered during the development of this information report. However, the focus of this report is on planned and unplanned changes to the ADS designs or operations. It provides some clear examples for developers and designers to follow as they review risk, and create an overall safety case for their systems and organization,” said Darcyne Foldenauer, AVSC Director.

The CRM concepts described in this information report complement the initial risk management ADS developers and manufacturers conduct using relevant standards and best practices. This information report provides steps for analysis and identification of risks related to changes. It outlines both qualitative and quantitative safety risk assessment processes with examples and key categories. It also provides a list of top safety measures for consideration when implementing and validating actions to address any safety risks identified during the assessment process.

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The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ (AVSC) is an industry program of SAE Industry
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