SAE International Award for Student Achievement and Technical Proficiency Honoring Phil and Jean Myers.


To recognize students who demonstrate outstanding technical expertise through the presentation of a technical paper or engineering project in association with a major SAE meeting, event or student competition.

The late Dr. Phil Myers and his wife Jean were lifelong devotees to students and SAE International. Myers was a renowned expert on internal combustion engines, and before his retirement, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Together with his wife, they set a high standard for excellence, concern for students, and involvement with SAE. In their honor, an award was established in 1997, to annually recognize the best technical writing by a student.


The writings must be based on work done by the author(s) while an undergraduate or graduate student and presented at a major SAE event.


Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible for this award while serving on the committee. Two years must pass before former members of the Selection Committee are eligible to receive the award.


This includes an award and honorarium to the lead student author and is presented at an SAE event.

Past Participants:


Samuel White (Lead)

Abdullah Bajwa

Felix Leach

University of Oxford

University of Oxford

Southwest Reasearch Institute

2022 Ishmaeel Ghouri University of Leeds
2022 Sai Krishna Kancharla Southern Illinois University Carbondale
2022 Vishal Reddy Natural Fiber Welding Natural Fiber Welding
2021 Cyrus Atis Michigan State University
2021 Harold Schock Michigan State University
2021 Ali Kharazmi Michigan State University
2021 Sadiyah Sabah Chowdhury Michigan State University
2020 George Koutsakis University of Wisconsin-Madison
2020 Erika Ziraldo University of Guelph
2020 Christopher Willman University of Oxford
2019 Mehar Bade West Virginia University
2019 Qianyu Ouyang University of Pennsylvania
2019 Christopher Willman University of Oxford
2019 Joseph Camm Loughborough University
2019 Martin Davy University of Oxford
2019 Paul Ewart University of Oxford
2019 David L.S. Hung, UM-SJTU JI Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2019 Mengqi Liu, UM-SJTU JI Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2019 Li Shen, UM-SJTU JI Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2019 Richard Stone University of Oxford
2019 Benjamin A O Williams University of Oxford
2018 Roberto Vitolo Politecnico di Torino
2018 Stefano d'Ambrosio Politecnico di Torino
2018 Nicolò Salamone Politecnico di Torino
2018 Enrico Oliva Politecnico di Torino
2017 Sergey Fedorovich Golovashchenko, Ph.D. Oakland University
2017 Daniel Kowalsky FCA
2017 Saeid Nasheralahkami, Ph.D. Oakland University
2017 Collin James Malek Stanley Black & Decker
2017 Weitian Tim Zhou Oakland University
2016 Gerald R. Gentz  Sandia National Laboratories
2016 Elisa Toulson Michigan State University
2015 Martin Wissink    University of Wisconsin
2015 Rolf D. Reitz University of Wisconsin
2014 Derek A Splitter Oak Ridge National Laboratories
2014 Martin Wissink    University of Wisconsin
2014 Rolf D. Reitz  
2014 Dan DelVescovo  University of Wisconsin
2013 Petros Efthymiou Loughborough University
2013 Dr. Martin Davy Loughborough University
2013 Colin Garner Loughborough University
2013 Graham K. Hargrave Loughborough University
2013 Dave Richardson Jaguar Land Rover
2013 Dr. John E.T. Rimmer Loughborough University

Nominations August 12 - September 30