SAE International Award for Propulsion Innovation Honoring Franz Pischinger


This award recognizes engineers who have held leadership positions focused on propulsion technology and can demonstrate innovation through patents, publications, and/or new products or processes.

FEV provided the funding for this award to honor professor Franz F. Pischinger, who devoted his career to furthering powertrain technology and the education of young engineers. He held leading positions in the powertrain industry for most of his 50-year career, founded FEV in 1978 and served as the company’s president and CEO until 2003.


  • Technical innovation and overall impact on the advancement of powertrain technology over the nominee's career.
  • Contributions to advance SAE's goal to further global mobility technology will be considered.


Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible for this award while serving on the committee. Two years must pass before former members of the Selection Committee are eligible to receive the award.


This includes an honorarium and an award that is presented at an SAE Event.

Past Recipients:

2022 Dan Hancock General Motors Company
2021 Mitsuo Hitomo Mazda Motor Corporation
2020 Daniel Nicholson General Motors Company
2019 Motohiro Matsumura Nissan Motorsports International Co., Ltd
2018 Yucong Wang, Ph.D. General Motors
2017 John C Wall, Ph.D.  
2016 Robert Lee FCA US LLC
2015 Thomas G. Stevens GM Truck Group
2013 Simon C. Tung, Ph.D.  
2012 David F. Merrion Merrion Expert Consulting LLC
2011 John H. Johnson, Ph.D. Michigan Technological University
2010 Paul M. Najt General Motors
2009 Gerhard Schmidt, Ph.D. Ford Motor Company

Nominations will be accepted May 1-31