SAE International Educational Award Honoring Ralph R. Teetor


This award stimulates contacts between young engineering educators and practicing engineers in industry and government.

Reflecting the firm belief of its donor that engineering educators are the most effective link between engineering students and their future careers, the focus is on engineering educators early in their careers. Its objective is to provide an engaging atmosphere in which these teachers can meet and exchange views with practicing engineers.


  • Contributions to teaching and curriculum development.
  • Contributions to research, including grants, independent research and professional development.
  • Publications related to SAE mobility interests.
  • Applicant's education, leadership in student activities, and participation in engineering society activities.
  • Applicant's three support letters.
  • Benefits anticipated from participation in the Teetor program.


  • Be an early career engineering educator with more than three, but less than 10 years of full-time faculty experience, immediately following completion of the terminal degree, M.S. or PhD, at the date of application.
  • Be affiliated with an engineering school accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) or a school from which SAE accepts student members.
  • Members of the Selection Committee are not eligible for this award while serving on the committee. Two years must pass before former members of the Selection Committee are eligible to receive the award.


This includes a certificate, a trip to a major SAE meeting, two years of SAE membership, and is presented at an SAE event.

Past Recipients: 

2023 Chen Lv Nanyang Technological University
2023 Adam Dempsey Marquette University
2023 Dan Delvescovo Oakland University
2023 Qadeer Ahmed The Ohio State University
2022 John Bachman, Ph.D. California State University LA
2022 Trevor Elliott, Ph.D. University of Tennessee Chattanooga
2022 Ben Lawler, Ph.D. Clemson University
2021 Pingen Chen, PhD. Tennesse Technological University
2021 Kevin Disotell, Ph.D. The Ohio State University
2021 Ala Qattawi, Ph.D. University of Toledo
2021 Stephanie Stockar, Ph.D. The Ohio State University
2020 Jennifer Bastiaan, Ph.D. Kettering University
2020 Yan Chen, Ph.D. Arizona State University
2020 Yunyi Jia, Ph.D. Clemson University
2020 Darrell Robinette, Ph.D. Michigan Technological University
2020 Senthilkumar Sundararaj, Ph.D. SRM Institute of Science
2019 Tanvir Farouk, PhD  
2019 Diane Peters, PhD  
2019 Xiao Hu, PhD  
2019 Xinjie Zhang, PhD  
2018 Sage Kokjohn, PhD  
2018 Yannis Korkolis, PhD  
2018 Todd Lowe, PhD  
2018 Simona Onori, PhD  
2018 C. David Remy, PhD  
2018 Subith Vasu, PhD  
2018 Bret Windom, PhD  
2018 Hui Zhang, PhD  
2017 Casey Allen, PhD  
2017 Emmanuel DeMoor, PhD  
2017 Chris Hagen, PhD  
2017 Michael Keller, PhD  
2017 Jason Martz, PhD  
2017 Srikanth Pilla, PhD  
2017 Robert Prucka, PhD  
2016 Fadi Abu Farha, PhD  
2016 Marcello Canova, PhD  
2016 William Northrop, PhD  
2016 Chinedum Okwudire, PhD  
2016 Mahdi Shahbakhti, PhD  
2016 Elisa Toulson, PhD  
2016 George Youssef, PhD  
2015 Caroline Genzale  
2015 Kasi Kamalakkannan  
2015 Lin Ma  
2015 Andrea Strzelec  
2015 Lesley Wright  
2014 Beshah Ayalew Clemson University
2014 Tiegang Fang, Ph.D. North Carolina State University
2014 Carlos Guardiola, Ph.D. Universitat Politècnica de València
2014 Rasim Guldiken, Ph.D. University of South Florida
2014 Diana Lados, Ph.D. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
2014 Liping Liu, Ph.D. Lawrence Technological University
2014 Rani Sullivan, Ph.D. Mississippi State University
2014 Andres Tovar, Ph.D. Indiana University Purdue- University Indianapolis
2014 Lei Zuo, Ph.D. University of New York at Stony Brook
2013 Prof. Jeongmin Ahn, PhD  
2013 Melody L. Baglione  
2013 Thomas Bradley  
2013 Prof. Sanghoon Kook  
2013 Tie Li  
2013 David A. Rothamer  
2013 Prof. Gregory Matthew Shaver, PhD  
2013 Donald J. Siegel  
2012 Shorya Awtar  
2012 Jeremy Daily  
2012 Christopher Depcik  
2012 Prof. James W. Gregory  
2012 Marcis Jansons  
2012 Heejung Jung  
2012 Pierre Mertiny, PhD  
2012 Scott A. Miers  
2012 Prof. Junmin Wang, PhD  
2012 James Yang  
2011 Dr. Christina Lieselotte Carmen, PhD  
2011 Timothy John Jacobs  
2011 Prof. Laine Mears PE  
2011 Dr. David R Mikesell PE  
2011 C D Naiju  
2011 Dr. Gregory M Odegard  
2011 Prof. Matthew Oehlschlaeger  
2011 R Rajendran  
2011 Tobias Rossmann  
2011 Dr. Christopher Schuh  
2011 Zongxuan Sun  
2011 Xia Wang, PhD  
2011 Prof. Nadir Yilmaz, PhD  
2010 George Delagrammatikas  
2010 Andrew Gouldstone  
2010 Alireza Khaligh  
2010 Tonghun Lee  
2010 Prof. Y Charles Lu  
2010 Dr. Matthew Thomas Siniawski  
2010 Thirumalini Subramaniam  
2009 Jeffrey S. Allen  
2009 Bradford A. Bruno, PhD  
2009 Scott Goldsborough  
2009 Prof. Dennis W. Hong  
2009 Prof. Dimitrios C. Kyritsis  
2009 Dr. Thomas E. Lacy Jr.  
2009 Matt Parkinson, PhD  
2009 Prof. David P. Schmidt  
2009 Prof. Joshua David Summers  
2009 Dr. Azer Yalin  
2008 Avinash Kumar Agarwal  
2008 Dr. Janet Brelin-Fornari  
2008 Prof Sean N. Brennan  
2008 Babak Fahimi  
2008 Dr-Ing Mark F Horstemeyer  
2008 Prof. Robert W Hyers  
2008 Richard W. Kent  
2008 Dr. Daniel R Kirk  
2008 Dr. Song-Charng Kong  
2008 Jeffrey Naber  
2008 Taehyun Shim  
2008 Prof. Zahed Siddique  
2008 Steven J. Skerlos  
2008 Craig A Woolsey  

Nominations reopen  September 2024