SAE/Magnus Hendrickson Innovation Award

This award honors renowned inventor and businessman Magnus Hendrickson, who founded Hendrickson Motor Truck Company in 1913, by recognizing individuals or teams (SAE members or non-members) whose efforts in commercial vehicle dynamics represent true innovation and have created significant, lasting change in the commercial vehicle industry.

The ideal award recipient(s) is an individual or team (SAE member or non-member) whose research and/or practical application represents unique, original concepts that when applied to vehicle dynamics, cause significant, positive change and elevate vehicle dynamics to new levels of innovation.

For the purpose of this award the following applies:

  • “Commercial Vehicle” is defined as a Class 1 through 8 on-highway or on/off–highway truck, tractor-trailer, or bus whose primary purpose is to transport goods or people, and excludes any such vehicles intended solely for use in military, farming, or construction applications.
  • “Vehicle Dynamics” is defined as the ride, handling, stability, or load carrying ability of a truck, tractor-trailer, or bus, and excludes the aerodynamics of any such vehicles.
  • The award (i) shall be given for an actual component, subsystem, or system that is physically incorporated into a Commercial Vehicle and enhances Vehicle Dynamics, and (ii) shall exclude a study, procedure, or process that predicts or analyzes Vehicle Dynamics.

Nominees must have earned at least one U.S. Patent that represents an original concept or design and qualifies as a significant engineering achievement in vehicle dynamics for the commercial vehicle industry.     Further, any such components, subsystem, or systems need not be patented, but must have been offered for sale for at least one year.

Previous engineering achievements and innovation will be considered when determining nominees' eligibility for this award.





Mehdi Ahmadian

Virginia Tech


Oshkosh Global Product Development Team



James Parison

BOSE Corp. Ride Team

Nomination Deadline: March 1st

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