As a member of SAE International, you are an important ambassador in helping SAE grow and maintain a strong membership roster. 

Share what you value in your SAE Membership with your professional network and encourage them to join SAE.  When you participate in the Member-Get-a-Member Campaign, you’ll not only help ensure that your colleagues, staff members, and other business associates enjoy the same benefits of membership that you do,  but you’ll also earn yourself a $10 digital Amazon gift card per new member.

The more members you get, the more money in gift cards you earn.


How It Works

Recruit as many new SAE Members as possible throughout the current calendar year.  To make the process simple, here is an email template that you can use to recruit potential new members, which contains the application they will need as well. As an additional incentive, we're going to offer new members the chance to join at a discounted rate of $99.

  1. Simply have your recruit fill out this application.
  2. Be sure that they include your name and email in the referral lines so that you receive credit. If you can, provide your 10-digit membership number, as well.
  3. You or your recruit will then email the completed application to for processing.

The more new members you recruit, the more $10 gift cards you will earn. There is no limit to the number of new members you can recruit.



This is a member-get-a-member program for current professional SAE Members* to help recruit new members into SAE International.

For every new member you recruit, you will receive a $10 digital Amazon gift card, to be paid at the end of the calendar year.


  • A “new member” is defined as anyone who has not been a professional member in the last two (2) calendar years.
  • This program is designed to recruit members brand new to SAE. As such, the following will not be considered when providing the incentive:
  • Anyone who was a member within the last two (2) calendar years
  • Student members
  • Student transfers (recently graduated student members)

*For SAE International Members only.



Getting Started
Professional Membership Brochure
Referral Application
Referral Email Template


If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at:

SAE Customer Service
Toll-free: 877-606-7323 (U.S. and Canada)
Phone: 724-776-4970 (Outside U.S. & Canada)
Fax: 724-776-0790