Final Technical Paper Selection Process

As a minimum, SAE requires two qualified reviews with at least two ratings of "Approved" or "Approved if modified - Minor" BEFORE an organizer is permitted to make a decision on final acceptance for publication. Conversely, there is no minimum number of reviews for paper rejection. The SAE technical paper selection process is NOT a balloting process.

ACCEPTANCE is based on three elements, not just "Approval" ratings:

  1. Overall reviewer ratings (Approve; Approve if modified - Minor; Approve if modified - Major; and Disapprove);
  2. Six reviewer judgment basis scores (Quality, Integrity, Conclusions, Innovation, Reference, Presentation) ;
  3. The extent and seriousness of 'approved-if-modified-major' reviewer comments and whether the if-modified comments were resolved by the authors.

REJECTION can occur at any time, regardless of number of reviews completed. An organizer can reject a paper with only one valid reviewer "disapproval," for example, if it is discovered that paper had already been published elsewhere. While it does not matter how many "approvals" were obtained, at least one "disapproval" review must be recorded to reject a paper. (Note: The rare irresolvable author-organizer dispute can be appealed to relevant Activity Chair.)

Note: This selection process only applies to Technical Papers to be published by SAE and does not cover oral-only presentations.