Episode 112 - Using AI to Scale Autonomous Vehicles

A driving school for self-driving vehicles? It’s here and proving to be a game-changer.

Waabi World is the most scalable, highest fidelity, closed-loop simulator for autonomous vehicles. Powered by AI, it’s an immersive and reactive environment that can design tests, assess skills, and teach the self-driving “brain” to learn to drive on its own. This technology significantly reduces the need to test drive in the real world resulting in a safer, more affordable solution.

When AI trailblazer & CEO Raquel Urtasun founded Waabi, she set out to scale one of the most important technologies of our generation. By taking an AI-first approach, Raquel and her team are unlocking the potential of self-driving technology and accelerating the commercial deployment of autonomous vehicles. And their work is changing the world for the better.

Meet Our Guest

Founder & CEO, Waabi

Raquel Urtasun is Founder and CEO of Waabi, an AI company building the next generation of self-driving technology. Waabi is the culmination of Raquel’s 20-year career in AI and 10 years of experience building self-driving solutions. She is also a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto, a co-founder of the Vector Institute for AI, and the recipient of several high profile awards including an Everingham Prize, an NSERC EWR Steacie Award, two NVIDIA Pioneers of AI Awards, three Google Faculty Research Awards, an Amazon Faculty Research Award, two Best Paper Runner up Prize awards at CVPR in 2013 and 2017 and more.

In 2021, Raquel was named as 100 Women of Impact by Entrepreneur Magazine, 100 People Transforming Business by Business Insider and Toronto’s Most Influential Torontonians according to Toronto Life Magazine. She was also named Chatelaine 2018 Woman of the year and 2018 Toronto's top influencers by Adweek magazine.

Our Host


Innovation Strategist & Co-Founder, Brulte & Company

Grayson Brulte is an autonomous mobility advisor and consultant who provides strategic counsel and political insights to help clients navigate what’s next.

As an SAE strategic partner since 2017, Grayson brings his in-depth industry knowledge to host SAE Tomorrow Today. His unique perspective factors in economics, politics and technology into one-of-kind weekly conversations with innovators changing mobility and its impact on society.

Grayson is a thought-leader who regularly provides insights to publications including Bloomberg, Reuters, The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, Hollywood Reporter and Forbes. His written opinions and insights have been featured by organizations including the Consumer Technology Association in presentations to the Federal Trade Commission.

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