Aerotech 2024 Highlights

The foundational SAE AeroTech Government/Industry Meeting took place recently in Washington, DC. This planned annual event is produced by SAE to offer a neutral forum for government and industry leaders to discuss the challenges, problems, and solutions facing aerospace in the safe and effective implementation of cutting-edge technologies.

Conversations and presentations covered several high-level topics including: Sustainability, including SAF and Electric Aircraft Cybersecurity, , Counterfeit Parts, Robotics, Digital Engineering, and Advanced Manufacturing.

Presenting opening keynote addresses at AeroTech GI were Annie Petsonk, Assistant Secretary of Aviation & International Affairs, U.S. Department of Transportation and Bruce Decleene, Director, Office of Senior Technical Experts at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Technical keynotes were also given ; Kevin Stine, Chief Cybersecurity Advisor and Applied Cybersecurity Division Chief at the National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST); and Scott O’Brien, legislative Affairs Strategist at Reliable Robotics Corporation.

In addition to the US DOT and FAA, other government and related organizations represented included NASA, and the Argonne National Laboratory. Industry associations included the Aerospace Industries Association, Vertical Flight Society, and Airlines for America (formerly the Air Transport Association of America) and speakers also hailed from Ampaire, Amphenol, Archer, Bosch, Joby Aviation, Lockheed Martin, and Supernal. David Alexander, Senior Director of Standards at SAE, and one of the speakers at the AeroTech GI event, remarked, “Success and safety in aerospace requires an ongoing partnership between government and industry. This first AeroTech Government/Industry Meeting brought together leaders from across the aerospace ecosystem to highlight their concerns, discuss challenges, and propose novel solutions.” The 2024 AeroTech Government/Industry Meeting was held concurrently with the annual SAE Government/Industry gathering, allowing for important cross-over networking with representatives of the automotive segment of the transportation business. The 2025 AeroTech Government/Industry Meeting will be held from January 28-30, 2025 in Washington, DC. For more information go to: AeroTech Government/Industry (

On March 12th - 14th, SAE International hosted AeroTech in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. This three-day event provided attendees with a comprehensive look into aerospace’s latest technologies and engineering advancements. Industry experts convened to discuss a wide range of topics—including standards updates, biomimicry, and optimized systems design.

David Alexander, SAE’s Senior Director of Standards highlighted two specific key changes occurring within today’s aerospace industry:

  • Sustainability
  • Digital transformation

“No one organization can make these big changes on their own. It has to be a collaborative effort, and events like this [AeroTech] help bring everybody together to collectively advance these areas,” David said.

The event featured an impressive line-up of speakers from across the aerospace industry. Henry Brooks, President of Power and Controls at Collins Aerospace spoke about the imperative to drive our industry towards a sustainable future: and the strides that Collins and its partners are making in electric and hybrid-electric aviation. Darshan "Dash" Divakaran, Head of Airspace Innovation & Partnerships at AFWERX recounted the considerable success of public private partnership through the US Air Force’s Agility Prime collaboration with some of the most innovative new entrants in the industry. Joseph Keegan, Director, Systems, Product Development, gave a fascinating insight into continuous innovation through program development at Boeing Commercial Aircraft, and Jon Lovegren, Head of Autonomy at Wisk discussed the journey towards certification for an autonomous eVTOL – including the use of SAE standards. Finally, Bethany Davies, Head of Systems at JetZero, told the story of blended wing designs through history to illustrate the ambitious plans for the company – one miracle at a time, to quote SAE member Clarence “Kelly” Johnson.

Several industry luminaries were recognized through awards at the event. Ask Roxanne Loeffler for details:

AeroTech 2024 also welcomed seven SAE technical committees who took part in the event addressing cutting-edge subjects as diverse as digital thread and blockchain (G- 31), the Sustainable Alternative Fuels Steering Group, Hydrogen (AE-7D and AE-5CH), Artificial Intelligence (G-34) and Cybersecurity (G-32). A reception was also held for all SAE standards contributors

The event was again co-located with ASM International, and closely connected to the SAE standards work on hydrogen, SAE partnered with the Vertical Flight Society to bring VFS’s H2 Aero event to AeroTech for the first time, further bolstering the collaborative work towards a net-zero future.

AeroTech 2025 is set to take place on May 6-8, held in Vancouver, British Columbia. Be sure to visit AeroTech online for more info and for the official Call For Papers.


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