Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee Holds Spring Meeting in Kuwait

SAE’s Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC) recently held its Spring meeting at the headquarters of Kuwait Airways in Kuwait. The CACRC technical task groups met on-site, presented reports, received presentations from industry participants, and attended information sharing sessions from regulatory agencies. The group also received a facilities tour from host Kuwait Airways, including their air museum featuring a diorama of the impact of the 1990 Iraq invasion of Kuwait and the damage done to the facility and its aircraft.

The 40 attendees at the meeting came from organizations in the United States, Germany, India, Kuwait, Netherlands, Hong Kong/China, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France, and Japan.

The mission of the CACRC is to promote repair and modification standardization along with guidance for composite and bonded structure maintenance providers, airlines, regulators, material suppliers, and OEMs. CACRC’s 583 members from 37 countries have produced over 41 standards and currently have 24 works-in-progress focused on the safety, security, and efficiency of composite repairs for the airline industry. If you would like to know more about the goals of this SAE technical committee, or if you want to volunteer your expertise in its work, contact SAE Standards Committee Manager Jeff Adkins at:

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