Training on the Latest Version of the Foundational Document Covering Safe Design of Civil Aircraft and Systems is Available

Prior to 1996, airplane manufacturers had no agreed-upon method to assess the safety of the vehicles they were building. In 1992, at the urging of the FAA, SAE formed the S-18 Aircraft & Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee, which went on to publish recommended practice ARP4754: Guidelines for Development of Civil Aircraft and Systems.

The latest version of this foundational document in aircraft design safety was released this past December as ARP4754B. It addresses the development cycle for aircraft and systems that implement aircraft and system functions, and includes needed corrections and recommendations to remain consistent with the current state of the art in aircraft design.

SAE Professional Development also offers educational course C2301 covering this revised document. The class is taught by the original writers of the standard who have practical and focused expertise in this area. Attendees will gain critical concepts of aircraft and systems development that ensure both project risk reduction and certification. Included are hands-on activities, group discussions, and a final exam. Successful completion also includes the awarding of continuing education units. The course is designed for systems engineers and other key personnel working on civil aircraft/system design and development. It includes, but is not limited to: operational concept, requirements management, architecture design, system and item implementation, integration verification/validation, safety assessment, technical management, and program management.

If you or any members of your team are interested in learning more about the SAE C2301 course, more information, including costs, dates, and a registration link is available at:

If you would also like to learn more about lending your expertise to the SAE S-18 Aircraft Systems Development and Safety Assessment Committee, contact SAE’s Committee Manager Rhonda Joseph at:, or go to: assessment-committee.


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