Mobilus 4.0 Launch is now in full affect!

If you can help someone, what’s the best way to do it? Senior Product Manager Poojan Chokshi has been developing Mobilus 4.0 with his team for close to 2 years. This new version of SAE’s subscription service includes a variety of new features dedicated to providing a in-depth, customizable experience—informed by user feedback.

Poojan mentioned several new areas included in Mobilus 4.0:

  • Intuitive web interface update
  • Integrated standards page
  • Powerful search upgrade
  • In-depth browsing capabilities
  • Centralized promotion hub
  • New content groupings
  • Smart tags

Poojan described how Mobilus 4.0’s standards access is built directly into the new main interface—meaning that users can now access crucial information more quickly. He also mentioned several upgrades to Mobilus’s search features—including instantaneous search, search suggestions, and relevance tuning. “It really came down to how we deliver value to people. Some of the most coveted automotive and aerospace organizations use Mobilus every day, and so we wanted to make it better so that they can do better,” Poojan said.

He mentioned Mobilus 4.0’s centralized hub, and how it allows users to view everything SAE has to offer in a single place. Digital products are also now marked adjacent to how industry professionals recognize certain categories. Combined with Mobilus’s new smart tags—topic links categorized by SAE taxonomy—Mobilus 4.0 aims to make information more, accessible, findable, and familiar across the industry.

We wanted the new Mobilus to be an essential partner in an engineer’s journey—a key hub where they can come to learn everything they need in a single location,” Poojan said.

Be sure to check out Mobilus 4.0 today by either signing up—or signing in
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