What is an Engineering Technical Standard? SAE has the answer.

For engineering students, people new to the engineering profession, or for someone just wanting to update their knowledge, SAE offers easy-to-access content on just what an engineering technical standard is, how to put one to use on a project, or how to get involved in creating or updating one.

Standards 101 is an on-line resource from SAE that can help anyone learn about technical standards, how to read these documents, identify the different types of standards, and how to access SAE standards through the SAE Mobilus digital platform. To help in your discovery of engineering standards, you can also download a copy of the SAE Standards Group Acronyms explanation sheet. The Standards 101 content is available at: www.sae.org/standards101

As consensus engineering documents, standards promote and facilitate safety and efficiency throughout the aviation and ground vehicle mobility sectors. Focusing on all aspects of the industry, they supply critical guidance and specifications on materials, products, manufacturing processes, and testing.

Equally important to their use across the mobility industries is also the process of creating and updating them on an ongoing basis. Their development requires the effort and expertise from many professionals who work to solve problems and move the industry forward.

At SAE, participation in standards development is a committee process that provides industry participants with the opportunity to voice ideas, influence direction, and take on leadership roles. The SAE Standards 101 page also includes information and links to an explanation of the SAE standards development lifecycle, and how to lend your expertise to appropriate mobility standard committees.

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