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SAE Technical Papers – Historical Archives (1980 to 2010)

SAE Technical PapersHistorical Archives provide universities with key insight into the research that academia as well as industry have been conducting in the engineering field of mobility during a critical 30 year period.

This database of 65,000-plus full-text technical papers contains historical resources dating to 1980. Committed to providing a platform for collaboration and informed dialogue, top engineering universities rely on SAE International’s Technical Papers program as the authoritative resource for mobility research.

The Historical Archive ensures that any pertinent ground vehicle or aerospace knowledge from 1980 to 2010 will be uncovered by using SAE’s trustworthy historical Technical Papers. Additionally, the Historical Archive provides an outstanding opportunity to add SAE’s Current Tech Papers, 2011 to Present at an affordable price.

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SAE Texas Select Papers and Journals


STAPP Papers Historical Full Collection (1966-2019)

For more than 60 years, the Stapp Car Crash Conference has served as the premier forum for the presentation of research related to impact biomechanics, human injury tolerance, and related fields that advance the knowledge of land-vehicle crash injury protection. This collection contains papers from the 1966 Stapp Car Crash Conference through the most recent 2019 conference. The papers, often used for research of traumatic brain injury, provide an open discussion on the causes and mechanisms of injury, experimental methods, and tools for use in impact biomechanics research, and the development of new concepts for reducing injuries and fatalities.


SAE International Scholarly Journals

SAE International’s Scholarly Journals encompass all areas relevant to ground vehicle, commercial vehicle, and aerospace engineering technology, including connected and automated vehicles, fuels and lubricants, engines, materials and manufacturing, and sustainable transportation. Our ever-improving SAE Journals Program continues to evolve and deliver the highest quality Journals to the widest possible audience. Beginning in 2019, the Journals are publishing Direct Journal Submissions exclusively—original, high quality content. Titles included:


Journal of Connected and Automated Vehicles (2019 & 2020)

This Journal furthers cutting-edge engineering research by promoting high-quality theoretical and applied investigations in the arena of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) in on-road, off-road, and aerial operational environments.


Journal of Fuels and Lubricants (2019 & 2020)

The Journal provides peer-reviewed research with a focus on fuels and lubricants in automotive engineering. The Journal is a primary source of information for comprehensive and innovative research in the areas of fuels, lubricants, additives, and catalysts, and reflects the transitions from the traditional to the cutting-edge realm of these technologies.


Journal of Engines (2019 & 2020)

The Journal is dedicated to research on internal combustion engine science and engineering. The Journal spotlights innovative technical articles on all aspects of internal combustion engine development, including research, design, analysis, control, and emissions. Of great value to researchers and engineers in the area of engine research and development, the Journal publishes only those articles that are deemed to have significant impact on engine development and design.


Journal of Materials and Manufacturing (2019 & 2020)

The Journal publishes authoritative and in-depth, peer-reviewed research in the areas of materials, design, and manufacturing. In addition to analytical findings, the Journal addresses integration and implementation of scientific and engineering practices that advance the field and benefit society.


Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, & Policy (2019 & 2020)

This new Journal will provide a forum for the exchange of novel, innovative, and sound ideas on incorporating and enhancing sustainability from environmental, energy, engineering, public policy, social, and economic perspectives. In particular, this Journal focuses on combining the engineering perspective with one or more of the other aforementioned topics to analyze the potential ways of improving the environmental performance of the transport sector.