Aerospace & Defense Technology

December 2022



Additive Manufacturing

Why are Aerospace & Defense Companies Embracing Additive Manufacturing?

Power Supplies

Simplifying Power Design with Modular Architectures

Test and Measurement

The Role of DevSecOps in Modern Edge Systems

Military Robotics

Making Machines Curious

RF & Microwave Technology

  • Designing Multi-Channel Microwave Radio Systems Using Optical Interconnects
  • Solving Military Satellite, Radar and 5G Communications Challenges with GaN-on-SiC MMIC Power Amplifiers


  • Advanced Airborne Defensive Laser for Incorporation on Strike Fighter Aircraft
  • Additive Manufacturing Utilizing a Novel In-Line Mixing System for Design of Functionally Graded Ceramic Composites
  • Hierarchical Diamond-Based Ceramic Composites
  • Biobased Carbon Fibers and Thermosetting Resins for Use in DOD Composites Applications
  • MOVPE Growth of LWIR AlInAs/GaInAs/InP Quantum Cascade Lasers: Impact of Growth and Material Quality on Laser Performance

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