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On the cover

  • AI was the year’s hottest topic. This issue of Update explores the role of AI and automation in today’s world of mobility engineering.

SAE and Member News

  • On a roll: SAE granted second U.S. patent — Page 2
  • SAE launches Battery Swapping — Page 3
  • Dr. Corina Sandu wins FISITA 2023 medal — Page 4

Member Benefits

  • What’s happening in Connexion+ — Page 6

TECH FOCUS: AI and Automation

  • A Q&A with… ChatGPT? — Page 8
  • Acronyms galore: AI and ML at WCX 2024 — Page 13
  • From algorithms to atmospheres: Meet G-34, the Artificial Intelligence in Aviation committee — Page 14
  • The problem with Cruise’s control — Page 18
  • SAE connects AI to ground mobility — Page 24

Engineeering Events

  • Plan to attend — Page 26
  • Call for papers — Page 28
  • BMW Group hosts bridge between government and industry in upcoming conference — Page 30
  • WCX 2024 preview: Injecting safety into the battery formula— Page 34

Standards & Committees

  • The twin pillars of safety revised:
    ARP4754B and ARP4761A — Page 38
  • Lights, camera, RE-action — Page 44
  • Improved battery standards needed as micromobility device popularity increases — Page 46


  • Unlocking the power of modern product development — Page 48

Professional Development

  • Robotics for autonomous vehicle systems bootcamp — Page 50
  • Introduction to DO-178C — Page 54


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