Noun | cybersecurity

the technologies, processes and controls designed to protect vehicle systems, networks, programs and data against criminal or unauthorized use

What Cybersecurity Means to SAE International

As vehicle systems grow in sophistication, using computers to power everything from air conditioning to engine and emission controls, so too does the need for enhanced safety measures to protect the vehicle from cyber-attacks.  

Upstream reports that from 2018 to 2021, the frequency of cyber-attacks on cars increased 225 percent, and the number of targets only continues to grow as the number of connected vehicles on the road worldwide is expected to surpass 863 million in 2035.  

With this transformation of mobility through connectivity, engineers face new challenges in the automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicle sectors as it pertains to legislation, regulation, and standardization. As technologies rapidly evolve, industry members must be proactive in their approach to production and risk management throughout the vehicle’s life cycle to preserve the safety of its occupants.  




Cybersecurity–Podcast Series

Subscribe to the SAE International Cybersecurity Podcast Series and join experts from government, legal, and industry as they explore critical topics facing transportation cybersecurity.

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Service Specific Permissions and Security Guidelines for Connected Vehicle Applications

SAE is developing a number of standards, including the SAE J2945/x and SAE J3161/x series, that specify a set of applications using message sets from the SAE J2735 data dictionary. Authenticity and integrity of the communications for these applications are ensured using digital signatures and IEEE 1609.2 digital certificates, which also indicate the permissions of the senders using Provider Service Identifiers (PSIDs) and Service Specific Permissions (SSPs).

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Professional Development: Automotive Cybersecurity Certification

The automotive industry is the new "battleground" for cybersecurity. Following the path of desktops/laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, the automotive industry is now the "hot" area for both academic researchers and hackers. This will transform the automotive industry just as it transformed traditional information technology and the mobile markets; it is inescapable, but it can be beneficial and a well prepared company can find significant benefit in being a market leader.

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Cybersecurity for Commercial Vehicles

Gloria D’Anna crafts a thorough view of cybersecurity to encourage those in the commercial vehicle industry to be fully aware and concerned that their fleet and cargo could be at risk to a cyber-attack

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Automotive Cybersecurity: An Introduction to ISO/SAE 21434

As technology becomes more deeply embedded into cars in general, securing the global automotive infrastructure from cybercriminals who want to steal data and take control of automated systems for malicious purposes becomes a top priority for the industry.

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Our New World: Applying Future Aviation Software & Cyber-Security Best Practices Today, for Tomorrow

Based on the Professional Development course, stay up to speed with evolving software development and cybersecurity guidelines with expert guidance from veteran avionics engineers Vance Hilderman and Aharon David.

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Road Vehicles - Cybersecurity Engineering

This document specifies engineering requirements for cybersecurity risk management regarding concept, product development, production, operation, maintenance and decommissioning of electrical and electronic (E/E) systems in road vehicles, including their components and interfaces.

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EDGE Report

Unsettled Topics Concerning Airport Cybersecurity Standards and Regulation

A large international airport is a microcosm of the entire aviation sector, hosting hundreds of different types of aviation and non-aviation stakeholders: aircraft, passengers, airlines, travel agencies, air traffic management and control, retails shops, runway systems, building management, ground transportation, and much more. 

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