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Common Training for DPRV Personnel


This DPRV training and certificate program was developed and expanded to more than 575 classes offered in eight languages in 40 countries. To date, more than 8,250 professionals have completed this course.

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Build the Future

Participation in the standards development process provides the opportunity to voice your ideas, express concerns and present technologies.

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Recognize a Peer

SAE International acknowledges outstanding achievements in service, leadership, innovation, and STEM education through the mobility industry's premier awards program. The SAE Awards Program is currently undergoing a number of improvements for 2023 and will relaunch on April 19.

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Find Your Community

From volunteering on one of SAE’s 450+ standards committees, to mentoring mobility peers, to member-only pricing on professional development and events, there are countless ways for members and volunteers to engage with SAE.

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