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WIP 2019-09-04

Performance Testing of Lubricant Filter Elements Utilized in Aircraft Power and Propulsion Lubrication Systems AIR1666

<p>This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) reviews performance testing parameters for non-cleanable, often referred to as disposable, filter elements utilized in aircraft power and propulsion lubrication systems, including gas turbine engines and auxiliary power units (APUs), propulsion and transmission gear boxes, and constant speed drives and integrated drive generators (IDGs).</p> <p>This document is confined to laboratory testing of filter element performance to qualify the filtration medium and filter element construction as opposed to qualification of the complete filter assembly. The testing discussed here is usually followed by laboratory and on-engine testing of the entire lube filter assembly (including filter element, housing, valving, etc.), which is outside the scope of this AIR.</p>
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