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WIP 2012-01-17

Aircraft Exhaust Nonvolatile Particle Matter Measurement Method Development AIR6037

This report provides current practice measurement methods for quantifying non-volatile particle matter at the exit plane of aircraft gas turbine engines. This document contains detailed information for many instruments and techniques, described in AIR 5892, that have been applied in aircraft engine field tests since AIR 5892 was first issued in April 2003. There are four sections, identified as Technical Appendices (TA), presenting measurement techniques, sampling, and quantification of non-volatile particles. The sections are written in the format of an Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) and intended to progress to recommended practices upon overcoming existing technical challenges. Many important technical advances have been accomplished that comprise the Aircraft Exhaust Non-volatile Particle Matter Measurement Method Development techniques described in TA-1: Particle Mass, TA-2: Particle Number and Size, TA-3: Particle Sampling, and TA-4: Calculation of Particle Number and Particle Mass Emission Indices.

Various measurement methodologies and test operability and compatibility issues are described within the TAs. The TAs briefly discuss degrees of sensitivity, accuracy, repeatability, and test operations acceptability for each measurement discipline. They reflect that many important technical advances have been accomplished for measurement techniques of non-volatile particles. Additional research is required to transition the TAs to Aerospace Recommended Practices.

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