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WIP 2017-11-29

Procedure for the Calculation of non-volatile Particulate Matter Sampling and Measurement System Penetration Functions and System Loss Correction Factors AIR6504

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) provides a method for assessing particle losses that occur in a sampling system of specified geometry based on the nvPM mass and number measured at the end of the sampling system. Both size dependent diffusion loss and size independent thermophoretic loss mechanisms are included in the method. The penetration function of that system must be determined by measurement and/or by computation using an analytical method as described within this report. The outcome of this line loss assessment provides estimated correction factors for nvPM mass and number concentration with associated uncertainties based upon nvPM measurement uncertainties and method assumptions. These correction factors give an estimation of nvPM mass and number values at the inlet to the sampling system.
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