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WIP 2015-04-28

Guidelines for Implementation of Structural Health Monitoring on Rotorcraft AIR6892

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) is applicable to rotorcraft structural health monitoring (SHM) applications, both commercial and military, where end users are seeking guidance on the definition, development, integration, qualification, and certification of SHM technologies to achieve enhanced safety and reduced maintenance burden based on the lessons learned from existing Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS). While guidance on SHM business case analysis would be useful to the community, such guidance is beyond the scope of this AIR. For the purpose of this document, SHM is defined as “the process of acquiring and analyzing data from on-board sensors to evaluate the health of a structure.” The suite of on-board sensors could include any presently installed aircraft sensors as well as new sensors to be defined in the future. Interrogation of the sensors could be done onboard during flight or using ground support equipment. Finally, for the purpose of this document, it is assumed that the primary user of SHM in the near term will be the maintenance and operations crew, and this document will not include guidance on the many issues associated with displaying SHM data or recommendations to the flight crew in real-time.
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