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WIP 2019-02-11

Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring Informational Report AIR6970

This Aerospace Informational Report (AIR) provides guidance on existing environmental and corrosion monitoring technologies for service environments, focusing on parameters of interest, sensing technologies, existing measurement platforms, deployment requirements, and data processing techniques. Non-destructive evaluation tools are not within the scope of this report. The principal motivation of the document is to facilitate users in the specification, selection, and use of monitoring systems for assessing atmospheric corrosion in aerospace applications. The sensors and monitoring systems provide continuous time-based records of: 1) environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and contaminants; 2) measures of alloy corrosion; and 3) protective coating performance. These techniques provide instantaneous measurements of environmental parameters, mass loss rate, and coating condition for use in investigating atmospheric corrosion, evaluating material system performance, and establishing asset maintenance processes. The time based records of degradation can be used to predict cumulative severity and corrosion to assess the risk of damage for managing assets.
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