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WIP 2023-02-20

Permanently Installed Measuring Devices/Systems for Maintenance Troubleshooting of Aircraft Cabin and Flight Deck Air Quality Issues AIR7134

This information report defines requirements for a device that contains one or more permanently installed sensors on aircraft that identify, distinguish between, and measure either quantitatively or qualitatively gaseous compounds and/or airborne particulates associated with one or more sources intended to provide information to guide maintenance actions. The requirements are for a permanently installed and recording unit in flight to be used on the ground for maintenance troubleshooting purposes. This information report does not address interface installation of the sensor unit with the aircraft except it would be relevant to the sensor technology. The data collected by these sensors is not intended to assess impacts on aircraft occupant health and should not be used to make a finding of airworthiness of aircraft. Portable sensor options are addressed in a separate document AS 6923.
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