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WIP 2019-05-07

Architecture Examples for Electrified Propulsion Aircraft AIR8678

The application of electric power for aircraft propulsion can take a variety of forms, ranging from partial electric to full electric. The introduction of electric motors to drive propulsors, along with the variety of available methods to generate electricity and store energy offers great degree of new design freedom for new aircraft and aircraft architectures. This newfound design freedom exposes a need within the aviation industry to establish a common design language for electrified propulsion. While this need for a common design language is recognized, the intent of this document is to encourage innovation, providing reference architectures as a launching point for future work in this area. This document will categorize potential electrified propulsion architectures and provide examples. While providing these example architectures, this document will develop common definitions for the elements of the architectures by defining: 1) The elements of electrified propulsion architectures, including any private power generation and distribution systems as well as energy storage elements. 2) The interfaces to/from the electrified propulsion system 3) The interfaces within the electrified propulsion system 4) Energy management and storage architecture of an electrified propulsion system While capturing these architectures and elements, this document will serve as a reference point for future works of the SAE E-40 committee.
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