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WIP 2012-01-17

Rubber, Silicone 1200 psi (8.27 MPa), High Modulus 55 - 65 AMS3306

This specification covers a silicone elastomer in the form of sheet, strip, tubing, extrusions, and molded shapes.<p>These products have been used typically as seals from -65 degrees to +225 degrees C (-85 degrees to +437 degrees F), compounded especially for high strength. Silicone rubber is resistant to deterioration by weathering and by high-aniline-point petroleum-base lubricating oil and phosphate ester hydraulic fluid, and remains flexible over the temperature range noted. This material is not normally suitable for use in contact with hydrocarbon-based fuels and low-aniline-point petroleum-base fluids due to excessive swelling of the elastomer, but usage is not limited to such applications. Each application should be considered individually.
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