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WIP 2020-04-08

Process Requirements for Recovery and Recycling of Metal Powder Feedstock for Use in Additive Manufacturing of Aerospace Parts AMS7031

This specification is to prescribe process requirements for recovery and recycling of metal powder feedstock originating from an existing additive manufacturing production stream for use in subsequent additive manufacturing of aerospace parts. This specification covers requirements for the recovery and recycling of metal powder for use as feedstock in additive manufacturing. Such powders may be pre-alloyed or commercially pure. This specification is not limited to a specific additive manufacturing process stream as the originating source of material to be recovered and recycled. It is intended to define those procedures and requirements necessary to achieve required cleanliness and performance of metal powder feedstock to be reintroduced into the same additive manufacturing process from which such powder originated. This specification also establishes a labeling schema for the identification of recycled powder and its pedigree, establishing a framework to aid in identifying end of life limits for feedstock material. This specification is intended to be used in conjunction with AMS powder specifications and AMS process specifications for additive manufacturing.
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