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WIP 2020-01-23

Hose Assemblies, Installed, Visual Inspection Guide For ARP1658

This SAE Aerospae Recommended Practice (ARP) covers visible surface defects on aerospace hose assemblies which have been installed and are functioning within a working environment at the time of visual inspection.

This document is intended to help those who are conducting periodic visual inspections of hose assemblies used in aerospace systems and ground servicing equipment to determine time for replacement by condition of hose assemblies at time of inspection. This practice is intended to augment existing procedures for replacement of hose assemblies based on service time.

A constant surveillance of all hose assemblies for visible wear, defects, and/or damage shall be routine at all times of maintenance. When wear, defects, or damage to installed hose assemblies is detected, the hose assemblies shall be tagged or replaced in accordace with Section 4 of this document.

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