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WIP 2022-04-28

Aircraft Engine Fuel Pump Cavitation Endurance Test ARP492

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) defines procedures for testing aircraft engine fuel pumps for the purpose of determining their resistance to deterioration, during steady state endurance test, while receiving MIL-T-5624 Grade JP-4 fuel as a homogenous mixture of gas and liquid expressed as a ratio of vapor volume to liquid volume (V/L).<p>If any of the above conditions do not apply, refer to Section 2.<p>The procedure recommended herein is based on experience gathered by a number of laboratories conducting component qualification tests to MIL-E-5009, currently MIL-E-5007. It is intended to produce a uniform reproducible steady state test condition for fuel pump cavitation testing as required by various military engine specifications.<p>This test is not intended to establish altitude or climb rate, starting, or other transient performance of the article tested.
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