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WIP 2012-01-17

User's Manual for Certification of Aircraft Electrical/Electronic Systems for the Indirect Effects of Lightning ARP5415

This user's manual provides additional information and references relevant to identifying: (1) acceptance criteria for the indirect effects of lightning compliance approaches, (2) verification (analysis and test) methods including those associated with multiple stroke and multiple burst and (3) recommended design options to optimize needed system immunity to lightning indirect effects. Equipment hazards addressed include those due to the indirect effects on equipment mounted on the aircraft exterior and equipment located within the aircraft interior as well as all associated interconnecting wiring. This document has specific application toward those topics and subsystems addressed in ARP5413 but also provides additional guidelines in the application of those tests identified in DO- 160/ED-14, Section 22.

This user's manual expands on the topics introduced in ARP5413, Certification of Aircraft Electrical/ Electronic Systems for the Indirect Effects of Lightning. Guidelines are provided which explain the approaches to compliance with the US Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the European Joint Airworthiness Regulations (JAR). Discussions are applicable to all categories of airplanes and rotorcraft. This material as well as the Aerospace Recommended Practices (ARPs) it supports are not intended to provide mandatory approaches to compliance. In many cases, the path to compliance may use one or more of several methods. Applicants for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) approval may elect to demonstrate compliance through alternative methods found acceptable by the FAA/JAA.

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