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WIP 2012-01-17

Mitigation for Loss-of-Control Accidents in Transport Airplanes ARP6149

Prevention of catastrophic upset mishaps cannot depend solely on recovery training. The proposed document should complement the training initiatives already in place. As a committee dealing with transport human factors and handling qualities, the output must consider both issues. At the same time, we cannot ignore initial and recurrent training issues and the widespread use of ground-based simulators. The plan would follow the approach taken in the 2003 S-7 white paper but would extend the scope to all forms of LOC, not just repeated rudder reversals. As with the white pa-per, the new document would have sections on transport handling qualities, flight control modes, aircraft displays, simulator requirements, and approval for IFR test evaluations as well as covering training issues. This new document would complement, not replace documents such as the Airplane Upset Recovery Training Aid. While the ultimate goal might be preparation of an Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP), the initial output might be an Aerospace Information Report (AIR) or an Aerospace Research Document (ARD) or both. The S-7 LOC subcommittee will develop back-ground material for possible use to prepare an AIR. During this process, any topics that require further research may be written up as an ARD.
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